We offer both Summer and Winter Horse Camps at HIS Haven Ranch.

During our Summer Horse Camps, for 90 minutes each rider receives private time with a horse, a mentor and a wrangler (assistant). Each lesson is tailored to their riding skills and there may be times when a rider will choose not to ride during their session. It doesn’t matter because our goal at the Ranch is not to produce “accomplished” riders but whole riders who are confident in their true identity in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

We currently have an indoor and outdoor arena where no more than four riders are being mentored at one time. All riders start out on a lead rope so we can assess their abilities. When they are ready, they graduate to a lunge line. Once they’ve shown good communication and teamwork with their horse, they work off the lunge line with a mentor and an assistant in the arena with them at all times. When the rider is ready, they move off the lunge line and begin to spread their wings! Ultimately, we are getting ready to take a trail ride together!!

It is our mission to simply provide a place where individuals, learn about horses and spend some time in an environment filled with joy and kindness.
Our riders will also participate in and learn the following:

  • Chores: Almost every individual will complete chores. We call it a Love List because love is an action.  This time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands. Often this opportunity empowers people in knowing that their efforts can make a difference to those around them.
  • Working with horses: The majority of individuals who come to His Haven are drawn to the Ranch because of the horses. They will learn to correctly handle, groom, ride, round pen and even vet horses during their sessions. Again, each session depends on the needs of the individual and of the horse on any given day.

Release Forms

Every person on the property must have a completed release form on file for each calendar year.

If a child is brought by someone who is not their legal guardian, the Ranch must have a current release form completed (upon their arrival) by the child's parent/guardian in order for him/her to participate in any Ranch activity.

Blank release forms are available at the ranch during session hours.

Requirements for Participation

Information for Parents

Clothing & Equipment