Meet Our Two-Legged Mentors


Meet Our Four-Legged Mentors


Essi Belle aka Essti: Born May 11, 2000

Essti is one of a kind! You can pick her out of the herd right away with her confident attitude that comes with a striped Mohawk mane (she is a Norwegian Fjord).  It takes a lot to get her riled up which makes her an ideal partner at HIS Haven Ranch. But be careful she doesn’t stand on your boots!!!! She won’t move too fast to get off from them!


Buckshots Honeysuckle aka Gem:  Born May 27, 1997

Gem is indeed a rare gem! Her quiet personality comes alongside many humans and releases a deep sense of peace.  She has been with us since day 1 of HIS Haven Ranch way back in 2006. Her steady-eddy attitude is her super strength.


Ali Sue Holiday aka Katie: Born May 23, 1997

Katie is a sensitive girl who prefers her riders to have quiet voices and quiet hands. Her ability to trust comes with time.  If you are willing to put the time into getting to know her, she is the sweetest friend you will know! She is sure to make you smile with her smooth as silk canter.


Heza Valentino aka Tino: Born February 14, 2004

Tino is what my Grandma would call a “tall drink.”  He is a gentle giant and can be quite the classroom clown!  He is inquisitive aka “nosy.”  His personality and size are what stand out to anyone who comes out to HIS Haven Ranch. Tino is a piece of Diane Logue’s legacy here at HIS Haven Ranch. She raised him to be a gentleman. Tino has been a big brother to Bubba (another horse from Diane’s farm) and does his best to keep Bubba out of trouble! We are blessed to have him as part of the HHR team!


Cushaunni:  Born April 10, 1996

Cushaunni is half Arabian and half Quarter Horse so she comes with some attitude. She seems to know who she can have that attitude with though!  Cushaunni can be identified from the rest of our bays by a white C on her forehead.  She is currently the oldest horse in our herd but don’t be fooled by her age!  She can run circles around any of our horses when asked to!  Her name means “ruler of the fortress” and she can definitely act like the “queen” of the barn sometimes.  She is kind and gentle with our smaller riders but can also offer a challenge to our older ones.


Knowthedifference aka Bubba: Born March 9, 2019

Bubba is also a piece of Diane Logue’s legacy here at HIS Haven Ranch.  He was her baby born out of her sweet girl High Margin.  He is our tallest horse standing at a towering 17 hands at the withers (a hand = 4 inches). He is also our youngest horse in the herd.  He is only the third thoroughbred we have re-homed at HHR.  He came to us exactly one year to the day after losing our sweet boy RaRa <3 The Lord’s timing is always perfect but it was EXTRA perfect that day!  He came to us directly from a trainer with only about 25 rides on him.  He continues to impress us with his ability to work with riders of all ages and abilities.  You will always find him in the pasture glued to his best friend Tino’s side.


Continental Wombat aka Wombat:  Born April 27, 1998

Wombat is the Casa Nova of the herd.  He loves the ladies!  His personality is inquisitive and a little mischievious. He taught a couple of the other horses how to slide their own stall doors open as well as the south gate! He is always making us laugh! He is patient, kind, and loving to riders of all ages.